Company Safety Rules and

As a company and the operator of premises, Thistleworth Marine is directly responsible for many health and safety duties on behalf of residents.  However, residents and visitors also have legal duties of care to each other.  These Rules are designed to clarify these roles and responsibilities.  As the body providing management services on the site, TM is responsible for taking all reasonable steps to ensure that other parties observe the Rules at all times.

It is your responsibility to ensure where your boat is rented that YOUR tenants are fully aware of these safety rules and regulations and that you as the OWNER and LANDLORD take overall responsibility for their actions and payment of marina fees and charges.     

All craft coming onto the mooring are to be approved by the Port of London Authority and in accordance with Thistleworth Marine’s company new craft and alteration guidelines.

All craft are to carry third party insurance with a minimum indemnity of £2,000,000 and will provide proof by way of a copy of the current insurance certificate to Thistleworth Marine Ltd. 

Pontoons must provide free access and escape routes at all times, no articles are to be permanently stored on any pontoons.
Materials or personal effects which may be placed on the pontoon from time to time should be removed each day at sunset or be adequately guarded and lit and must never block or impede free access or escape
Along the pontoons, gangways and bridge.
To neighbouring craft.
To the life belt stations and escape ladders located at the ends of each pontoon.
To the foot of the bridge.

Pontoons are provided for access and for necessary work activities on behalf of TM and its residents and for no other purpose, such as play, fishing or activities which could endanger residents or those performing maintenance duties on behalf of the marina.

Bicycles/Motor cycles should be stored where they will not cause inconvenience to other residents, block access to company equipment and with agreement of TM, additionally, they must never be ridden or left unattended on the pontoons. The company reserves the right to remove any such offending bicycle/motor cycles which is considered to be a hazard, the company will accept no responsibility for any sub-sequential loss.

Gas bottles must be stored and appliances installed in accordance with the current boat safety scheme regulations available to download at 
Escape ladders located at the end of each pontoon and cross pontoon must be kept free from external obstructions including the mooring of dinghies.

Each boat owner must provide, and have regularly serviced and maintained, adequate file fighting appliances including fire blanket in accordance with the current boat safety scheme regulations available to download at

Mooring ropes and fenders should be adequately deployed to prevent damage to the pontoons and maintained in a safe condition, rope ends should be safely coiled and returned to the craft so as to avoid any tripping hazards on the pontoon.

It is the responsibility of each boat owner is to ensure their berth is keep free of floating debris.

Children must be under appropriate adult supervision at all times whilst moving around the marina, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children’s safety and to have regard to these recommendations.

Residents are to except full responsibility for their visitors whilst on the marina, they will ensure their visitors are made aware of all risks and hazards and in the case of emergencies are aware of escape routes and use of safety systems.

Dogs are to be kept under adequate control at all times.

Pet owners are held responsible for their animals damaging or fouling any part of the marina including boats and will be expected to adequately clean and dispose of fouling.

Owners of all craft are to ensure they provide to the company contact details in case of emergency.

Safety inspections of boats and mooring may be carried out at the discretion of the company or designated safety officer, any disagreements between the safety officer or company official and residents shall be brought to a directors meeting where the directors decision will be final. 

Life jackets are available for use and are held within the toilet block located at the top of the marina.



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